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June 13, 2024
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Here is a link that will allow you to donate to our Children's Fund.  This is a charitable program that Auburn's Local 797 participates in, which gives back to the community in which we are proud to serve:

Auburn Fire Fighter's Children Fund:


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Spring-Time Safety Tips
Updated On: Oct 29, 2012


As the weather is becoming more suitable to be outside and the house chore list is becoming longer as the days progress the Auburn Fire Fighter’s Local 797 would like to remind citizens to take some precautionary steps to prevent injury and a loss in property damage this spring.


Spring time is the perfect time to make sure you home and mailbox is appropriately numbered.  We ask for citizens to have large reflective numbers on both sides of your mailbox.  The reason for this request is because we are not always coming from the same direction and you may have multiple vehicles approaching from different sides of the street.  Numbering you mailbox on both sides allows the firefighters in the truck to search for the number as they approach your home instead of driving by your home to see the numbers.  Also, having the number directly on your homes is another great idea.  Make sure that the numbers are large enough to be seen from the street and that the numbers are easily noticeable.  Do not use dark numbers with dark exterior paints.  Also placing numbers in the area of the front door which is illuminated by a light makes it easier for

us to locate the correct number.  LED numbers are now available for homes as well which makes the number stand out during the day and night hours.  Time is essential for us to mitigate the emergency.  Well marked homes can decrease our response time thus taking control of the emergency sooner preventing more damage from happening or provide patient care sooner.


Brush fires are naturally occurring events started by numerous things including a lightening bolt, a train, or a hot cigarette.  Depending on the current drought, wind, and fuels conditions, a small brush fire can quickly turn into a large fire creating a real emergency for the fire department and the citizens in that area.  We are asking citizens to

please call the station before burning outside to make sure that the City of Auburn is allowing open burning that day.  Citizens can call 207-784-5433 ext. 27 and talk to the on-duty Battalion Chief who will be able to advise you the burning conditions for that day.  Also, make sure to keep the area around your home clear of any unnecessary brush.  This includes wood chips, dead vegetation, and having a clear cut area that separates your home and the forest.  This will help prevent forest fires coming to close to your home,giving your home a better chance of surviving a forest/brush fire.  It is a very dangerous idea to use fire as a way to control weeds and other vegetation that may be a nescience.  This could cause a ‘controlled’ fire to burn uncontrolled causing a loss in property and injury to you and your neighbors.  If you decide to smoke please make sure to extinguish the cigarette fully and dispose of it in the correct manner and not just throwing the hot cigarette out the window.


As we start to spend more time outside there is a risk of possibly being stung by an insect and having an allergic reaction.  These reactions can vary from some itchiness and redness located to the area effects to causing you body to shut down and becoming fatal sting/bite.  Here are some safety tips to prevent being stung:

  1. Wear light-colored, smooth-finished clothing.
  2. Avoid perfumed soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. Don't wear cologne or perfume.
  3. Wear clean clothing and bathe daily. Sweat angers bees.
  4. Cover the body as much as possible with clothing.
  5. Avoid flowering plants.
  6. Check for new nests during the warmer hours of the day during July, August and September. Bees are very active then.
  7. Keep areas clean. Social wasps thrive in places where humans discard food, so clean up picnic tables, grills and other outdoor eating areas.
  8. If a single stinging insect is flying around, remain still or lie face down on the ground. The face is the most likely place for a bee or wasp to sting. Swinging or swatting at an insect may cause it to sting.
  9. If you are attacked by several stinging insects at the same time, run to get away from them. Bees release a chemical when they sting. This alerts other bees to the intruder. More bees often follow. If possible, get indoors when there are a few, if any, bees around you. Outdoors, a shaded area is better than an open area to get away from the insects.
  10. If a bee comes inside your vehicle, stop the car slowly, and open all the windows.

What to Do if a Person is Stung

  1. Have someone stay with the victim to be sure that they do not have an allergic reaction, and call 9-1-1 immediately.
  2. Wash the site with soap and water.
  3. The stinger can be removed using a 4x4-inch gauze wiped over the area or by scraping a fingernail over the area. Never squeeze the stinger or use tweezers. It will cause more venom to go into the skin and injure the muscle.
  4. Apply ice to reduce the swelling.
  5. Do not scratch the sting. This will cause the site to swell and itch more, and increase the chance of infection.


As the weather becomes warmer and the days last longer children tend to play outside and ride their bikes.  To stay safe on two-, three- and four-wheeled toys and vehicles, all kids need to learn the rules of the road and practice safe behaviors.  The single and most important rule – wear a helmet – it can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent.  Using knee and elbow pads will prevent further injuries to those specific areas.  Also make sure the rider is wearing appropriate colored attire for the time of day.  If you decide to ride in the early morning or late afternoon when it is becoming dark don’t let them wear dark clothing as their visibility to motorists will have been decreased with dark colored clothing.

Before a child or adult goes for a ride make sure that their safety equipment fits them appropriately.  Inspect the bicycle to ensure the reflectors are secure, tires are inflated, and the braking and shifting mechanisms are working appropriately.  Also if you are going for a ride, make sure someone who is not going on the ride knows where you are exactly going and roughly about what time you are expecting to be home.  That way if you get lost, injured, or become tired that person has a general sense of your location.  This will allow for a search to be done to a specific area and resources can be used more appropriately by searching a specific area more thoroughly rather a larger area with less people.

During the ride always supervise young children.  Teach them the rights and wrongs of riding a bike.  Explain to them the ‘rules of the road’ and practice them yourself.  You are a role model to them and they will follow what you are doing!  Never allow riding to occur near parked cars and parking lots.  Allow them to ride in open, low traffic areas and especially if they are just learning how to ride a bicycle.  As the summer months approach make sure to keep hydrated with water.  Dehydration puts more strain on the cardiovascular and dehydration can cause muscle cramps.  Water is the best fluid for your body and make sure to drink plenty of it.

After the ride is over make sure that you eat and drink appropriately.  Check to make sure all of your equipment is still in working condition.  Last but not least enjoy your time outside in Maine’s wonderful weather.

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